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We understand that deciding to sell your jewelry, old diamonds, and expensive wrist watches can be a an emotional and private experience. At Chapes-jplJewelers and Jewelry Buyers, we understand that everyone has different reasons for wanting to turn these items into assets that are liquid, or better known as cash.

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Chapes-jpl Jewelers buyer is one of the finest jewelry stores in Doraville as well as a top Doraville Jewelry buyer. Through our unique selection and top quality customer service, we have built a loyal clientele here in Doraville. Our network of clients is vast and includes individuals, jewelers and jewelry retailers from all over the United States, not just in Doraville.

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Because of our large customer base, our jewelry always sells and sells quickly, which is why we are able to pay top dollar for all of the pre-owned jewelry that we purchase.

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So if you’re looking to sell jewelry in Doraville, come visit our showroom! Our friendly representatives can answer all your questions and make selling or trading-in your jewelry easy and hassle free.

Here at Chapes-jplJewelers & Jewelry Buyers, we take pride in providing personalized, quality client care.

We are a certified, A-rated member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), so when you come into our store to sell your jewelry, you can trust in our service.

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We keep all the information and details regarding your transaction as strictly confidential and pay out for purchases in cash, letting you turn your jewelry into spendable income quickly and easily.So, if you have jewelry you’d like to sell, don’t wait. Come see us today and find out why Chapes-jpl Jewelers is Doraville’s jewelry buyer of choice. Our family-owned business model has been the same since our inception, and has allowed us to become one of the most successful and diversely inventoried retailers of fine jewelry in the city. We would be more than happy to arrange an appropriate time for you to come in and also answer any questions you might have concerning our jewelry pieces, transactions and other services.

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