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At Candler-McAfee Jewelry Buyers, our goal is to provide you with quick, courteous and honest estate jewelry buying services.
Our evaluations are fast, accurate, and guaranteed to be higher than any other estate buying service. Whatever your estate jewelry needs, our goal is to service that need and maintain the highest ethical standards in the industry.

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After years of providing estate jewelry services, we have developed a reputation for quality and honest service with the highest cash values possible. Many of our new clients come from recommendations from existing clients, so our service and customer satisfaction is well known. We will pay you the highest cash value for your item, even if your item is not listed here. Fine Jewelry:

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Signed pieces, pieces from well known designers and antique jewelry are worth more than their weight in gold. However, we will evaluate any jewelry with verifiable gold content.
We, at Candler-McAfee Jewelry Buyers, are experts at evaluating your fine jewelry, antique jewelry, or signed “signature” jewelry.

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Gold jewelry is valued for the amount and purity of precious metal the piece contains (gold, silver, platinum, etc.). The value of the gem stones (diamonds, rubies, etc.) also determines value, as well as being from a well known designer or an antique.

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Each piece of jewelry with precious metal content has intrinsic value for the metal. Some pieces, however, are much more valuable because of their quality, rarity, or any number of other variables.
Our evaluation staff can quickly determine the purity and amount of metal, the cut and clarity of the gem stones, and the intrinsic value of any jewelry you have.

We consistently pay more for your jewelry than any other service. Our staff is here to help you get the most for your jewelry.

We pay you in cash, check, or money transfer directly into your bank account.

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