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Gold Buyer Decatur, GA

Where to Sell Gold & Silver
If you have gold and silver laying around, doing nothing for you but looking shiny, you may want to sell it. Yet you may not have any idea where you can actually sell the stuff. Chapes-JPL has been buying gold coins jewelry and silver from our friends in nearby Decatur, Georgia.

Chapes-JPL; Precious metals testing process.

The best way to evaluate your items is to bring them into our location so that we may accurately test each item out. During the process, we will give you the knowledge needed to sell your precious metal for the right price. Each Chapes-JPL employee is trained by the owner himself. The owner of the company has over 40 years of experience in the jewelry manufacturing industry and is a 3rd generation master jeweler. Our Staff has the most on hands training and experience in the industry to determine whether or not the metal holds value.

Why We Pay more than our Competitors
The main reason we are able to pay more than our competitors is because we use all purchased components first hand. We have a complete different prospective when it comes to purchasing your valuable items such as Diamond Jewelry, Coins and Gold. Our ability to buy your quality diamonds and precious metals allows us to conduct a recycling process. Efficiently, the goods purchased are used for our onsite wholesale and retail jewelry manufacturing supply and demand.

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