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Selling and Buying Gold and Silver on the Doraville
Chapes-JPL our company specializes in providing the very best service and products to those looking to buy or sell precious metals on the north shore in Doraville . All of our staff are intensely trained, so that all items are properly evaluated, and each transaction is conducted with industry leading standards.

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Whether you are selling or buying platinum, gold or gold coins, jewelry or flatware, Gold & Silver of Doraville is dedicated to being the very best north shore precious metals dealer in Doraville.

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Finding a reputable north shore coin dealer is the most important decision when selling gold coins in Doraville. Seated in historic downtown Doraville, Gold & Silver of Doraville is a leading coin dealer and north shore precious metal dealer serving all of Doraville, GA. We specialize in providing a professional and friendly atmosphere to those selling gold coins, bullion or numismatics. All of our staff is fully trained to properly evaluate collections of any size and value.

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Gold Buyer is quickly becoming one of the most popular way for people to protect the value of their earnings. Our company offers a wide selection of bullion products, numismatic rare coins and can facilitate most any size purchase. We are always glad to show our customers a wide selection of products to choose from since not every gold product is right for everyone.

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Whether you are interested in buying private minted bullion bars, we are prepared to fulfill most any request.
Sell Scrap, or Used, Gold and Silver Jewelry in Doraville
There is no better place to sell your used gold or silver jewelry than Gold & Silver of Doraville. Gold & Silver of Doraville is the leading gold buyer. Our location in Doraville offers our clients a safe, friendly, and pleasant setting where you can meet with a staff of experienced, professional metal buyers. We ensure that our staff will accurately evaluate your jewelry upon inspection in order to offer you top dollar for your items.

We are the leading jewelry and gold buyer in Doraville and Mandeville, so can we offer industry leading prices for all your fine jewelry, antique/vintage jewelry, rose gold, and diamonds. The jewelry doesn’t have to be scrap for us to place a value on it.

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