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Gold Buyer Druid Hills . We buy gold products such as jewelry, scrap gold pure gold and bullion rounds, bars and coins. We also buy sterling gold jewelry, flatware and hollowware in any condition.

Druid Hills Gold Buyer

We buy and sell gold and gold jewelry, gold and gold coins, , pure gold and gold bullion rounds and bars, and more. Since we are buying primarily for scrap it usually doesn’t matter what condition your items are in. Not sure if it’s real? Bring it anyway, I test everything for free.

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As an Chapes-JPL I am committed to giving all gold sellers a fair and honest deal. All our customers have worth and deserve to be treated in a fair and impartial way.
Will I pay the highest price for gold ? I make a great effort to pay as much as possible. We will give you a fair price every time we buy gold, or platinum. In most cases what we pay will turn out to be the highest price, and may be considerably more than others in the area.

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A lot of people like to shop by phone. Calling around to find what other gold dealers are paying is futile, as some will say one thing, and when you get to their shop, pay you quite another. Suddenly your gold won’t qualify, or the price miraculously took a sudden drop. When you call me, the price I quote today is the price you’ll get today!

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Not all gold buyers are honest gold buyers. The industry seems to be overrun with people who promise to pay you the best price, but fail to do so. We don’t play games with your money. We’ll always give you a good price for your gold items.
I’ll test and weigh your gold in your presence with a State Certified Scale. You can expect to be treated with respect and honesty during all buying or selling transactions with Chapes-JPL .

Chapes-JPL buys gold, gold coins, gold bangles, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, broken or unwanted gold. We also buy scrap gold, gold fillings, gold sweepings, broken gold jewelry, wedding bands, sterling jewelry and more. Remember, it does not matter if your items are in good, bad, or even broken condition. If it’s gold we’ll most likely buy it.

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