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Wondering where to sell your golds?
While there are many “gold buyers” out there to choose from, all are not created equal. The Lilburn Chapes-JPL is licensed and bonded with Lilburn, GA and the State of Georgia. Our scales are certified. We sort, test and weigh your items in front of you.

Lilburn Gold Buyer

We realize that there are many different reasons why customers sell – some need the money, some want to “clean out” their drawers and closets, an unexpected expense or just want extra spending money for a vacation. Whatever the reason, at the Lilburn Chapes-JPL we strive to make you feel comfortable and to offer fair prices on your items. You will always receive fast and friendly service.

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Do you have a lot of old, unfashionable gold jewelry that you’ll never wear again? Do you have some broken necklaces or bracelets that would cost more to fix than what the piece is really worth? Do you know what your scrap gold jewelry is really worth?

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At the Lilburn Chapes-JPL we can help you get rid of that old jewelry and turn it into real spending money.

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Scrap gold jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes. You may not even realize how much money is sitting around your house. Our expert gold buyers can test your items and tell you exactly what they are worth. It doesn’t matter if it’s broken, hideous, or just a terrible reminder of an ex-boyfriend, it’s gold to us, and money for you.
Lilburn Chapes-JPL offers a great way for you to
have your scrap gold jewelry tested in a fun, no-pressure environment.
Get High Pay for your Gold Jewelry and Scrap Gold
at the Lilburn Chapes-JPL!

If you are you selling gold, then check out the Lilburn Chapes-JPL. Sell your gold jewelry and scrap gold for top prices! Get a quote from us at the Lilburn Chapes-JPL BEFORE you sell your gold anywhere else.

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