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If you’re trying to sell your gold, there are a number of different ways to do so. Jewelry stores, online gold buyers, and pawn shops all exist, and each offers different methods for buying precious metals. Here’s a quick overview of each of these options. Once you know the general weight and purity of your gold, you can find a local jewelry buyer and get an instant quote. If you’re not sure what type of gold you have, you can purchase a testing kit and test it yourself or take it to an expert.

Online gold buyers

You may have old gold jewelry and coins that you no longer wear, but would still like to sell for cash. These items may include old, dated earrings that have no partners, or that hideous bracelet that you no longer wear. Whatever the reason, you can benefit from a little extra cash by selling it for cash. However, selling gold can be a daunting task. Here’s how to make the entire process easier.

You can sell your gold privately to get the most cash. This is a great way to avoid transaction costs and receive the value of your gold as quickly as possible. You can advertise your items on Craigslist or on selling apps to attract potential buyers. However, you should practice basic safety measures to avoid getting ripped off. Always meet in a public place, bring a friend, and only accept payments made with a guaranteed check.

Online gold buyers offer the most value for your gold, so you may as well get the most money. It’s simple, too! Just fill out the form and wait for their offer to be sent. Within a few business days, you’ll receive your payment by check or bank transfer. Many gold buyers offer free shipping so you can sell your gold and silver without leaving your home! And if you decide to sell it to a third party, be sure to check their terms and conditions.

Some reasons you may want to sell your gold for cash are: you want to redistribute your funds, pay for college, buy a car, or buy a house. Or, you want to shift your funds to another metal. If you decide to sell your gold to an individual buyer, make sure to follow the spot price of gold because this changes daily. You should also pay attention to gold market experts and be careful with the timing.

Pawn shops

If you are looking to sell gold jewelry for cash, you may be surprised to learn that the prices at pawn shops can be up to 90% higher than the spot value. You can check your jewelry’s purity by examining the inside of the band. This will help you determine the amount you can expect to receive for your gold jewelry. Some pawn shops only pay for gold, while others will pay you as much as tenths of a gram for your jewelry.

However, selling your gold jewelry to a pawn shop can be an excellent idea in some circumstances. This type of business does have its disadvantages, however, and you should be aware of these when making a decision. Listed below are some of the disadvantages of selling your gold jewelry to a pawn shop:

– Don’t be afraid to bargain. Some pawn shops pay between 25 and 60 percent of the retail value of the jewelry. While the price may seem low, the more you know the better you’ll do. When selling gold jewelry to a pawnshop, be sure to clean it thoroughly to make the fineness and weight stamp more visible. You should also never be afraid to haggle with the pawnbroker as it is customary at pawn shops.

– Avoid the pawnshops with a high turnover. You’ll end up paying more for your gold jewelry than you’ll make at a store selling used cars or other items. Some of the most trustworthy pawn shops in the country are those that have been in business for several years. In addition to exhibiting a long-standing business history, a pawn shop with a long-term customer base is more likely to have a skilled and knowledgeable pawn broker on staff. This also means that they’ll know what they can sell quickly.

Jewelry stores

While you can sell gold for cash at jewelry stores, it’s not as safe as you might think. You have to ship your gold before you receive payment, so there’s a potential for fraud. Before you sell gold at a jewelry store, read reviews and evaluate the company’s reputation before you accept a quote. Make sure to get several appraisals before deciding on a final offer. Also, be sure to insure and track your shipment to protect yourself against loss or theft.

While local jewelry stores usually offer the highest prices for gold, online buyers have lower overhead and are likely to offer a better price. However, it’s not always possible to shop around and get a competitive appraisal. It’s also more difficult to compare prices between jewelry stores and online buyers, so it’s important to visit several places before deciding to sell your gold. When choosing where to sell your gold, remember that jewelry stores can offer more than pawn shops.

Whether you need money fast or want to receive a lump sum payment, you’ll find a market for your jewelry at a jewelry store. Regardless of how old your jewelry is, you can sell it for more money than what a pawn shop will give you. In most cases, you can get up to 80 percent of the gold’s current market value. When comparing prices, ask a jewelry buyer to explain the value of gold. Ask the buyer to provide you with exact calculations of the gold content of your jewelry. Make sure they can show you the price per gram or ounce. Then, compare your offer to other buyers’ quotes.

The best way to get the most money for your gold jewelry is to sell it locally. If you don’t want to sell to a jewelry store online, there are other options, such as pawn shops, consignment stores, and coin stores. If you want to sell your jewelry to a jewelry store in your local area, you can look up the list of local jewelry shops. In the Washington area, W.R. Chance Diamond Jewelers and Nelson Coleman Jewelers are two local jewelers where you can sell your jewelry.

Jewelry buyers

If you’re considering selling your gold jewelry for cash, you should get multiple offers. It’s important to compare offers from different companies as they may offer you lower prices or recognize pieces that other stores don’t. Then, package your gold appropriately and agree on payment terms. The quickest way to sell gold for cash is to sell it in person, but shipping can be a more time-consuming process. To avoid dealing with scams, follow the tips below.

To sell gold for cash, you can go to a pawn shop, or visit local jewelry stores. Some jewelry stores offer better prices than pawn shops, so it’s worth checking them out. Also, make sure you know the value of the items you wish to sell, because the value of your jewelry can vary greatly. When looking to sell your gold jewelry, you should make sure to choose a reputable company that is legitimate.

You can also sell gold online through a website like Luriya. This service offers mail-in-kit delivery, as well as UPS, FedEx, and USPS. You can also opt for the service of the Money Metal Exchange, which offers insurance and free shipping up to $1,000. They also buy gold coins and other metals, so there’s no need to worry about losing your gold. The company also guarantees the price of your gold, so if you’re not satisfied with it, you can simply send it back.

When you sell gold to jewelry buyers, it’s important to know the karats of your jewelry. These numbers are stamped inside the pieces of jewelry and can either be expressed as a percent or parts-per-thousand. Even if you can’t determine karats, you can always have it tested to find out the value of your gold jewelry. You can also take it to a gold buyer yourself and estimate its value.


Before selling gold jewelry, you should first consider whether the sentimental value of the piece outweighs its market value. If the sentimental value of a piece outweighs its price, it’s probably not worth selling. For example, an earring may be out of style and no longer has sentimental value, so it might not be worth selling. However, if you have no other option but to sell the item, there are a few ways to get the highest price for your precious metal.

Firstly, check whether the gold is 14-karat or higher. Since 14-karat gold contains only 58.5% pure gold, it will not fetch you the daily price of gold. Also, keep in mind that jewelry is usually measured in pennyweights or twenty to an ounce. Make sure you provide the buyer with the precise amount of gold in the jewelry to ensure a fair deal. If you have gemstones embedded into the piece, it is wise to remove them first. If you’re unsure, you may even find that your item is worth more than the gold content would indicate.

Another option is to visit a local jeweler. While this may be convenient, it’s not as secure as selling it online. In-person, you can make a quick deal and walk away with cash. Depending on the condition of the jewelry, however, you may not get the amount you were expecting. Since jewelers do not use calibrated scales, the price you receive might be slightly different than what you expect. Additionally, you may find that the jeweler will try to persuade you into buying the item instead of selling it.

While selling gold to a local jeweler will earn you quick cash, it is important to note that national buyers are unlikely to pay as much as online jewelry buyers do. Online buyers also don’t have the same overhead costs as local jewelers. Moreover, you may be limited in shopping for a fair appraisal, making it difficult to choose the right buyer. However, selling gold to a jeweler has many disadvantages compared to selling it to pawn shops.

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