Fine diamonds are some of today’s greatest assets!  Loose diamonds are those that have not yet been mounted into any type of jewelry setting, but have been professionally cut and polished.  Often times, a person will buy loose diamonds simply to add to their investment portfolio.

If you want to sell loose diamonds, they will be valuated based upon the Four C’s:

  • Carat Weight
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Cut

A diamond’s value is not calculated in the same manner as precious metal (i.e. gold, silver, platinum).  The industry determines the current diamond value using an up-to-date Rapaport Diamond Report or the Diamond Registry.  However, each diamond appraisal will vary depending upon the professional appraiser, the diamond grade and current condition of the stone.  Whether or not you have a GIA certified diamond will also affect its worth.

Chapes JPL has been appraising diamonds and other fine assets for more than 30 years at our original Atlanta location.  We offer typically as much as 50% higher values than a traditional pawnshop.

Chapes’ primary objective when we opened our doors back in 1980 was to provide a better fast money alternative for good people rather than having them subjected to an ordinary pawnbroker who seldom offers fair value.   Through the years, we have helped thousands of people in Georgia get money fast and eventually expanded our diamond buying services nationwide.  More than 80% of our customers come back to us again and again, as well as refer us to friends and family.

Our diamond appraisers are some of the most educated and experienced at buying diamonds.  We do not sell anything, so there is no store full of customers.  A Chapes representative sits down with each of our customers privately in an upscale atmosphere, situated within extremely secure financial buildings.

We typically encourage our customers to hang on to their valuable assets and suggest taking out a secured loan instead of selling a diamond outright.  Diamonds and precious metals are a financial safety net when times get tough.  These real assets can provide loan collateral in the future when you experience a situation where you need emergency cash.  In a depressed economy, it could be sooner than you would think.

Chat with us online, submit a quote, or call us by phone to schedule your free appraisal.  If you are located outside of the Atlanta area, or our newest location in South Florida, ask a Chapes representative about fuel or airfare reimbursement terms.

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