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If you’re looking for a way to get rid of your diamond, one big option is to Sell Diamond for Cash. Diamond prices are not as unstable as gold, and therefore, you won’t have to worry about losing a lot of money in the future. You can also get cash for your diamond on Consignment, Pawnshop, or Online. Here are some tips to help you sell your diamond and get cash for it.


There are several benefits to using consignment to sell diamond for cash. First of all, you can avoid the headaches associated with selling diamonds. The process is usually quick, moderately time-consuming, or quite slow, depending on the item and the vendor. Selling items of small value like jewelry, household items, or clothes does not require any special skills or training. However, selling diamonds and other items of high value is a bit more complex.

There are some disadvantages to selling diamonds through consignment. For one thing, it is not as safe as selling jewelry. Trust issues exist, and most buyers are hesitant to buy a diamond online. For this reason, it is advisable to sell a diamond online instead of using a local jeweler. Some reputable companies also offer free return shipping to their customers. The only disadvantage to using consignment to sell diamond for cash is the risk of dealing with a cartel.

Another disadvantage to using consignment to sell diamond for cash is the lack of objectivity of the grading reports. The original jeweler will not be able to give you an objective report, so the buyer must rely on an independent, third-party grading lab to make the final decision. A reputable, well-known diamond grading lab like GIA has strict criteria for its grading reports, so a report issued by this laboratory is highly valuable. This means that it commands a higher price than one without such a report.

If you are thinking of selling your diamond on consignment, make sure to include details such as the cut and clarity of the diamond and its setting. A good appraiser will be able to provide you with a price range that will suit your needs, and will also offer advice on pricing strategy. Once you have a firm grasp on the resale value of your diamond, the buyer will want to see it in person. If the two parties agree on the price, you can move forward with the process.


Unless you are a professional jeweler, it is unlikely that pawnbrokers will pay a fair price for your diamond. This is because they make a living by buying and selling used goods at a fraction of their true market value. These pawnbrokers prey on naive and desperate individuals who may be too eager to part with their precious gems or jewelry. Be sure to read the fine print of any pawn shop before selling your diamond or ring to them.

Although pawnshops don’t offer the highest payout, they can be a great option for those who need extra cash fast. These places offer very high percentages for diamonds and other jewelry, and if you have a poor credit score, you can still use them to finance major purchases. These places are convenient and fast. In addition to selling diamond rings, pawnshops also offer loans for people who need a loan.

Although many pawn shops are operated by respectable individuals, some pawn shops operate with unreliable owners. Make sure to read the fine print when selling your diamond. Often, the staff will try to get away with a low price simply because the buyer is desperate. Unless you are ready for the transaction, you could end up paying way more than you need to. However, it is still best to be prepared and ready to walk away if things are not right.

You can use a calculator online to determine the approximate value of your diamond ring before visiting a pawnshop. You can enter the details about the ring’s material and gems in order to receive an estimate. The average ring value depends on the type of pawnshop and your bargaining skills. The cut of the diamond can also affect its overall price. For example, if a diamond is poorly cut, it will look dull and be worth much less than its actual value. This means that you should have an expert inspect your jewelry prior to selling it.

Online diamond buyers

Selling a diamond online can be a scary process, particularly when you’re competing with many other jewelers for your precious stone. Not only are you competing with many others, but you’re also at risk of getting ripped off. To avoid falling victim to a scam, make sure you find the right place to sell your diamond, one that has a quick and easy process as well as safety guarantees. Here are some of the benefits of selling a diamond online.

An online diamond buyer works through a website that allows you to sell your diamond for cash. Most online diamond buyers focus on the value of materials, rather than just the price of diamonds. That means you won’t have to worry about shipping costs or waiting for a response. Some online diamond buyers offer free appraisal kits, which you can request by filling out a simple form. Once the appraisal is complete, you can sell your diamond for the highest amount possible.

WP Diamonds is an online service that offers free quotes for diamonds of up to 0.50 carats. These companies specialize in diamond jewelry and pay cash for diamond rings. WP Diamonds also offers commission-free buying and selling of diamonds. They are also a good choice if your jewelry doesn’t contain a diamond. However, if your diamond is damaged or no longer worth the price of the diamond, you can always try Diamonds USA or CashforDiamonds.

In addition to their free quotes, online diamond buyers buy diamonds for cash, and they can even provide an instant payment. Many of them have postal services to make the transaction more secure. Diamonds USA will even pay you within 24 hours. Unlike traditional retail stores, they do not have storefronts, so you can easily send them your diamond without any hassles. The process is free and fast – you can sell your diamond online within 24 hours.

Local jewelers

One option to sell diamonds for cash is to visit your local jewelers. Some of these shops also buy used jewelry. Before selling your jewelry, make sure you know its appraised value and if possible, you should bring a GIA certificate. However, be aware that jewelers are businessmen and will often offer you below dump prices. Ensure you have the right information before submitting your diamond for sale.

Another option is to sell your diamond to pawn shops. You will find that these stores are more likely to offer you cash than store credit. However, keep in mind that these shops may not always pay top dollar for your diamond, as the trade-in value is usually higher than the cash value. If you need to sell your diamond for cash, you should look for a local jewelry store instead of a national chain. Remember, if you do decide to sell your diamond to a national chain, always pay attention to the terms and conditions of the buyback program.

If you are considering selling your diamond for cash, make sure that you know the best way to negotiate. Most jewelers are willing to give you a low first offer. But, you can expect to get a much higher price if you get a Rapaport report and use it as a reference. Also, be aware of scams and be aware of your negotiating skills. Those who are certified will get the highest offer.

When selling a diamond to a jeweler, make sure to get an offer in writing. If the price is too low, don’t hesitate to return the diamond. If you are unsure of its quality, you can ask a professional jeweler to clean and tighten loose settings. A reputable jeweler will give you free return shipping if the price is lower than you can get elsewhere. You should also ask about their policy on selling diamonds.


If you’re looking to sell your diamond for cash, eBay may be the best place to start. eBay is the leading consumer-to-consumer online shopping website, with more than $3 billion worth of jewelry listed for sale. Listed on eBay, you can expect a fair return if the item is purchased and sold within 30 days. But to get the most money for your diamond, you must ensure that your listing is appealing and informative to potential buyers.

While pawn shops will usually offer cash for a diamond, the prices you get will often be low since these establishments are not in the business of buying or selling diamonds. Also, because diamonds depreciate in value, it is unlikely that you’ll receive the full face value of the diamond, which can be problematic if you’re selling a sentimental piece. Luckily, eBay makes selling a diamond easy and lucrative!

When selling a diamond, keep in mind that jewelers are often trying to make a high profit and will always provide a lower offer than the asking price. You should always check the Rapaport report to see what the highest price for a diamond is. A 40-70 percent discount is a good place to start, but the jeweler will most likely ask you more than that. In addition to this, you must have negotiation skills and be aware of scams. You should always remember that a certified diamond is more likely to receive a better offer than one that has not.

In addition to eBay, there are scams on eBay. As with any other form of auction, it’s important to be vigilant when answering messages, as you don’t want to give away your personal information to the wrong person. eBay buyers have no legal rights to vet sellers and should be dealt with accordingly. A scam-free alternative to selling on eBay is Worthy, a company that is transforming the traditional secondary market for diamonds. Worthy brings together sellers and a curated community of diamond buyers through a cutting-edge online jewelry auction.

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