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How to Sell Your Diamonds
Before you decide to sell your unwanted diamonds, Diamond Buyers there are some things you need to know that will help you determine their worth and how much money you can realistically get for them! Next you will need to do some research about the options you have to sell your diamonds; diamond buyer whether it be to an online buyer or a local pawn shop. This guide will walk you through the process of selling your diamonds so that you can get the most money without any doubt that you made the right decision. Ready? Let’s begin!

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First things first, you will want to determine your diamond’s worth so that you know what to expect from the dealer. Diamond Buyer that can be determine using the Four C’s of diamond characterization; carat weight, color, cut, and clarity of the diamonds.

Now that you know how to determine the factors that bring value to your diamond, you need to determine a realistic price at which it can be bought. It’s important to note that standards for diamond grading vary depending on the buyer. If you go to a jewelry store that buys their diamonds in bulk from a wholesaler, they might have higher standards for their diamond qualities and would offer less money depending on the color, cut, and clarity. If you don’t already have a certificate that displays the specs of your diamond, you can have a jeweler look at it to give you the info regarding carats , color grade and clarity. That way, you will get a professional’s idea of the most realistic deal you can expect to sell your diamonds for. However, many diamond-buying websites, such as Chapes-JPL offer a free appraisal by entering in the characteristics of your diamonds and having them estimate the value. Try a few different sites before you commit to one, and see if it is worth selling your diamond now, or holding onto it for a few more years.

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There are a few options for selling your diamonds; selling direct to a jeweler, pawnbroker, someone you know, or selling online to a company.

Chapes-JPL specializes in buying diamonds. Whichever method you choose, it’s recommended that you do your research and try different places and companies to see what the possible offers are.

Jewelry stores often offer less than online companies and individuals because they already have a supplier of diamonds in bulk that give them a good deal and allow them to profit more on the sales. Pawn shops also offer less than private buying companies because their selling prices in general are expected to be well below retail value.

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Choosing to sell online has various benefits because, normally, the company doesn’t have a physical brick and mortar store, and therefore are able to save money on overhead costs and thus offer you more for your sale. This is where you want to do your research; fill out the free appraisal forms on various sites, read testimonials on their websites, check the reviews and comments on their social media sites, and research news and articles about the companies. You want to work with a company that you can trust; someone who is looking out for your best interest and doesn’t over-promise high returns if they can’t follow through.

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When you feel that you’ve done enough research, and feel confident with the offer you’ve been given, go for it!

Whether it’s a diamond earring that lost its pair years ago, or a diamond ring from an engagement or divorce, they are worth a great deal of cash, and only continue to gain value as time goes on. When you’re ready to make your decision to sell, follow this guide to ensure you know how to determine its worth and do your research to find the best offer! Good luck, and happy selling!

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