Sell platinum jewelry, coins and bullion!

Chapes JPL is a trusted platinum buyer who has been in the buying and lending business for over thirty years. Sell platinum, gold, silver, diamonds and other high-end assets at our offices in Atlanta, Georgia.

Although Platinum isn’t sought after in the same way as gold and silver, it is one of the Earth’s most rare metals and predominately found in South Africa.  Platinum is extremely durable as it is amazingly resistant to high temperatures, scratches, rust and other deterioration.  The metal’s robust resistance is why it is so often used on luxury timepieces created by fine jewelry designers such as Breitling, Rolex, Tiffany, Cartier and Chanel.

Platinum also finds its value in collectable United States coins, such the American Eagle Platinum coin.  Platinum Eagles have a face value of $100 – the highest face value ever offered on a U.S. coin.  It is the luster and guaranteed purity of these mint coins that magnetize coin collectors.  However, it is the value of the pure metal that interests others into buying coins as an investment.

Platinum coins from various countries around the world are also often worthy additions to coin sets.  For example, the USSR proof sets from the 1980 Moscow Olympics include five platinum coins and China’s Platinum Panda is a bullion coin found in prized coin collections.

The price of platinum fluctuates based on the current market demand, but generally depends on economic stability to retain its value.   If you own platinum jewelry, a platinum Rolex watch, or are thinking to sell platinum coins of value, you can count on Chapes-JPL to offer you the most money for platinum.

We also offer the opportunity to use your platinum asset to get a quick loan regardless of your credit history at rates up to 90% less than presented in most pawn shop loans.  Our offices are located in Buckhead, Georgia.  We keep the rates low, so clients can afford to retrieve their item upon loan completion.

Doing business with Chapes-JPL is not only more monetarily rewarding, but the experience is unlike typical pawn loan practices.   We meet with all clients in private by appointment only at our highly secure and upscale offices in the best parts of town.  All coin grading, luxury watch and jewelry appraisals are provided at no charge, so schedule an appointment today to find out your platinum value and get cash you need fast!

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