Your sterling silver is an extremely valuable asset and although the media, local pawn shops and other silver buyers are encouraging people to sell silver for cash, there is a much better way to get money with your Silver Eagles, jewelry, flatware and other high ticket assets.

Chapes JPL will indeed buy your silver if you wish, but we strongly encourage our customers to seriously consider the current silver value in your mint coins, antique trays, candle holders or silver tea set. These items should be cherished as precious and invaluable possessions and only used as collateral for a loan. If you hold on to silver, the price will most likely only increase and you will not only have the ability to get a cash loan today, but again and again for years to come.

We started lending money for silver more than thirty years ago in Atlanta to create a better solution for bridge loans or quick financial help for local people rather than visiting a typical pawn shop, or waiting on drawn-out bank lending procedures. In addition, we provide a more discreet atmosphere as all asset appraisals are held in confidence at one of our luxurious offices located within high security financial buildings.

As for loans with collateral, Chapes lends up to $5 Million with some of the lowest loan rates in the industry nationwide. Jewelry, gold,diamond and silver loans are granted at less than 10% interest per monthThat rate is more than 85% less than a traditional pawn lender.

Just bring your previous offer in when you meet with a Chapes asset and silver appraiser and we will beat any of our competitor’s lending rates. WE GUARANTEE IT!

The following are just some of the silver assets we offer loans on:

  • Bullion Silver
  • Flatware Silver
  • Gorham Silver
  • Silver Antiques
  • Silver Eagles
  • Silver Pendants
  • Sterling Silver Rings
  • Towle Silver
  • Vintage Estate Jewelry

All assets pledged with Chapes are photographed, insured and safely kept in bank vaults.  Unlike the average pawn loan, we encourage our clients to make payments towards the principal throughout the loan. This makes it easier for customers to redeem an asset.

To learn more about the value of silver, or to schedule a free appraisal, chat with us online, by phone at (404) 504-7021 or simply submit a quote. For those customers who do business with us outside of the Atlanta area *we often will reimburse for fuel costs to and from our office. For loans amounting to $25,000 or more, *we sometimes pay for a customer’s airfare.

*Please speak with a Chapes representative to learn more about fuel and airfare reimbursement terms.


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