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Chapes-JPL is the preferred source for hard money lenders in Norcross. We provide the best service and funding for all types of reasons and ventures. We are top-notch hard money lenders throughout Georgia. At Chapes-JPL, we believe that our clients deserve the absolute best, lowest rates, and highest amount of dollars for cash in hand. Reach out to us today and we’ll give you the funds you need fast to get started right away. Consider this your beginner’s guide to hard money loans in Norcross GA.

Conventional loans, for example, have strict rules. They deeply examine your credit history, income, foreclosure, outstanding debt, job status, and any other qualification to see if you meet their standards. As you might imagine, this makes getting conventional loans extremely difficult. They also take months to approve and attain, which means your desired property can slip right through your fingers.

Chapes-JPL is Your Go-To Source for Hard Money Loans
Hard money loans are the preferred method to pay for unforeseen financial situations or opportunities. Don’t get bogged down by the time it takes to check your credit, investigate foreclosures, snoop your marital status, analyze your income, and inspect any other financial item. If you wait on loans like these, you can spend months standing idly by only to get a notice that you were rejected. Don’t take that risk—instead, use Chapes-JPL to get the loan in your hand fast so you can rest easy and cover your expenses. Our private investors are interested in how they can help you succeed. Contact us today and we’ll talk to you about your financing options.

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