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If you are thinking about selling your Bvlgari jewelry, you may be wondering how you can sell it for the highest price. Alon at The Diamond Oak can help you out. He will walk you through the process step by step and make sure you get the best price possible. He will then contact you with an offer. Alternatively, if you are not sure of the price of your jewelry, you can visit the store and get a guide price.

BVLGARI guarantees the authenticity of all products

BVLGARI reserves the right to change the prices of the products on the Website or the Application at any time and without notice. In such event, BVLGARI will inform you of the change in price and allow you the chance to cancel your order. However, BVLGARI cannot guarantee that the products will be available when you order them.

To make returns easier for you, BVLGARI offers a free shipping label for returns. To send back your purchase, you must fill out a return form and include your receipt and the original packaging. You must also include any free items you have received with the product. However, you must keep in mind that BVLGARI does not offer cash refunds for online purchases. Besides, shipping costs may be higher if you purchased a product online.

You can choose to collect the product in person or receive a dispatched shipment. The delivery time for your order depends on the value of the product and the type of delivery service you choose. BVLGARI reserves the right to divide your order into separate shipments if it is necessary. If your order is not delivered on time, you must visit a BVLGARI store to pick up your order.

In case you receive a damaged or counterfeit product, you have the right to return it for a refund. BVLGARI also reserves the right to cancel your order for any reason, including unauthorized reselling or other fraudulent or grey market activities. This is to protect you and ensure the quality of BVLGARI’s products.

BVLGARI does not accept pre-orders

BVLGARI is a luxury Italian jewelry brand with a history dating back over two thousand seven hundred years. Whether you are looking for a one-of-a-kind piece or a beautiful, elegant gift for a loved one, BVLGARI is sure to please. Pre-orders are a great way to get a piece of jewelry before it goes on sale. But before you place your order, make sure you’re aware of the following rules and regulations.

Before placing an order, make sure you specify your delivery address. Shipping fees will vary depending on the weight of the order and the delivery service you select. BVLGARI also reserves the right to divide your order into multiple shipments. If your delivery address is outside of the continental United States, your order will not be processed.

If you do place an order and it is not shipped within the estimated time, you can return it. After this, BVLGARI will refund you the total amount. If you have made a purchase through an e-commerce site, you will need to provide proof of purchase. This means a copy of the invoice, original payment method, and PayPal confirmation. Alternatively, you can designate another person to pick up the order.

BVLGARI accepts returns online only if the order value is less than $5,000. To return an item, you must include the original packaging and box, and a pre-paid return label. However, the company will not reimburse you for lost or mishandled packages.

BVLGARI reserves the right to cancel an order

BVLGARI reserves the right to cancel any order for any reason, including unauthorized reselling, fraud, or gray market activities. If the order is canceled, BVLGARI will refund any payments made prior to the cancellation. BVLGARI also reserves the right to cancel an order if it suspects that the order has been placed by a third party.

BVLGARI reserves the right to alter prices on its Website at any time. If prices are reduced or increased, the customer will be notified and given the option to cancel the order. If the price of an item changes, BVLGARI will contact the customer and give the opportunity to cancel the order. If the price does not change, the order will be charged at the price indicated on the Application.

BVLGARI may cancel orders if the product does not meet customer specifications. This may happen if the product is not available for delivery or cannot be made in a timely manner. If this occurs, the customer should contact the customer service department by phone, email, or live chat to report the problem.

In the event that a product is unavailable at BVLGARI, customers can pick up the product in a store or choose to have it delivered. If the order is cancelled, BVLGARI will refund the amount of any payments made prior to the pick-up of the product. In some cases, the customer may be required to pay an advance amount before the product is picked up, but this is not necessary. If the customer does not wish to pick up their order, BVLGARI will contact another person to pick up the order. In such cases, he or she must have a valid government issued photo ID, proof of purchase, and a valid form of payment.

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