Tiffany loans on Jewelry and Watches

Tiffany jewelry has fascinated people all over the world since the early 19th Century.  What started out as a small store in New York City selling stationery and fancy merchandise grew into a world-wide mail order catalog business and became a huge sensation for buying diamonds, gold jewelry and sterling flatware.

Tiffany & Co. still stands on 5th Avenue, but has added Tiffany stores in most major cities and offers some of the finest jewelry, china sets and sterling silverware available.  The custom jeweler has earned vast recognition not only for their premium jewelry and other fancy items, but also for their history of designing collections for some of the world’s most distinguished people and organizations (including White House china for the First Lady in 1968 and the 1919 revision of the Medal of Honor for the U.S. Navy).

If you happen to own something from Tiffany’s, you more than likely have a valuable asset, which could be a huge advantage in today’s depressed economy.  Don’t be mislead by advertisements and news reports suggesting to sell gold, diamonds, or other worthy assets.  The price of gold has increased for eleven straight years and predictions assume it will continue to rise.  With the U.S. dollar losing its value (and credibility), you need to keep and protect your assets.

There is a way to use assets to help with finances.  However, the better way is to use an asset for a short term loan.  For example, if you have a Tiffany bracelet, bridal jewelry set, an Atlas rose gold watch, Wallace silverware, or any fine Tiffany piece, you can utilize it for a collateral loan at Chapes JPL.  By pledging your asset vs. selling it, you can get money now without losing your valuable(s) forever.

Since 1980, Chapes in Atlanta has been buying and offering cash loans up to $5 Million against Tiffany & Co jewelry.  Our success has come from helping our customers to get fast money at much lower rates than traditional pawnshops.  In addition, we allow clients to make payments towards the principal at any time during the loan.

We pay top dollar for real assets (typically as much as 50% more than the average pawn store) and our private loan rates are traditionally up to 85% less than the typical pawnbroker.  Additionally, our lending process is more discreet and much safer as we conduct all jewelry appraisals in our private offices, situated within extremely secure financial buildings.

Chapes’ alternative financing solutions are strictly contingent upon the value of an item.  Therefore, your loan eligibility is not evaluated based on your credit or employment status.  We do not require anything more than a valid ID to sell sterling silver,  dress watches, gold, platinum, Tiffany diamonds or any other high ticket item.

Chat with us online, or contact us today to schedule your free appraisal at our Atlanta office.  We *reimburse fuel costs for long distant clients with an appointment. For loans $25K and up, we often *pay for airfare to and from our office.  All pledged collateral at Chapes JPL is photographed, insured and kept safely in bank vaults, so you can relax and know that your item will be returned at the end of the loan.

*Please speak with a Chapes representative regarding fuel and airfare reimbursement terms


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