5 Ways to Save a TON of Money

Posted by Lee Benhayon

Below are some quick and easy ways to save  a little bit of money here and there. And let’s face it, every little bit counts.

 1. Stop driving so much

Gas is expensive, so when you use your vehicle for unnecessary driving you are still technically spending money. Stay at home for a little bit or take a bike out. Besides, your body will thank you for the physical activity.

2. Pack lunch

We all hate spending hundreds of dollars a month on groceries (especially if we have a large family), but in the long run you will save more money by packing a lunch for school or work. Every time you go out to eat, it’s roughly over $5 (and that’s even when you try to eat cheap!) By buying groceries in bulk and packing a lunch, you are able to save money throughout the week.

3. Pay your bills on time (duh)

Even when your are struggling to make ends meet, make it a priority to pay your bills on time. This way, you avoid added late charges and you will sleep better at night too. If you need a short term loan to get caught up with your finances, give Chapes a call.

4. Live with your parents

Ok.  This one applies more for the recent grads. Young adults are so eager to move out and be on their own that they push saving money to the back burner. When you have the opportunity to live with your parents or have roommates, you can take that time to really build a savings!

5. When you need a loan on Assets, use Chapes-JPL!

Typical pawn shops and jewelry lenders lend on assets at extremely high rates making it almost impossible to payoff the loan. At Chapes-JPL, we provide loans on gold, diamonds, jewelry, watches, cars, boats, art and fine assets at a low interest rate, which makes it so much easier to payback a loan. This way you can get the money you need in a manner that’s fair and reasonable!

Call us and let us show you how much money you can save!

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