College is Expensive, We Can Help

Posted by Lee Benhayon


We recently had a client come in our Chapes-JPL office for (what all of our clients come in for) a loan. This story specifically touched me because I’ve been there, done that. 


 The Story of a Customer in Need

The story starts out with a woman showing us her jewelry (which she highly underestimated the value on).   We explained to her the value of the jewelry she brought in and agreed to help her with a loan.  She instantly broke down in tears and began explaining her sense of overwhelming relief because she no longer needed to stress about money.

At Chapes-JPL, we do not ask why our customers need a loan.  It’s really not any of our business. We are content in knowing we help people when no one else will.  In this particular case, a young man may not have been able to go to college. The woman proceeded to blow off some steam and describe how her son was a smart kid with excellent grades.  He had recently been accepted into a university he had always wanted to go to.  The woman said she was extremely proud of her son, but she didn’t have the heart to tell him that he might not be able to go.  Our customer continued to explain, “This is something he’s been working for his whole life and it is not fair to make him pass up this opportunity just because I do not have the money to pay for it”.

The woman added that her son received a partial scholarship, but she did not have the money to cover the remaining amount. She went to banks, but couldn’t get a loan (we hear that a lot). His father couldn’t contribute to the tuition costs and she had no where left to turn until a friend of hers recommended Chapes-JPL.

This client came in with high end jewelry, which got her the loan she needed to pay for the remaining balance of the the first two semesters of her son’s college tuition. She was elated.  Chapes’ low rate (with the ability to make payment towards to principal amount at any time) will enable her to comfortably pay back the loan in a reasonable amount of time. This way, once her loan is paid off, she gets her beautiful and sentimental jewelry back AND her son’s fist year of college is taken care of.

We Want to Help you too!

What a great feeling it is to know we truly helped this woman through her financial dilemma!   She was happy knowing that her jewelry can act as a credit line to put her son through school.  Private individuals aren’t the only clients who benefit from short term loans.  A lot of our customers are businesses who have been using us as a credit line when they either couldn’t wait for lengthy bank loan procedures, or their credit was poor.

I wanted to share this story as an example of how you can get a loan from Chapes-JPL for any and all reasons. From scrap gold to diamond’s, a Rolex watch or a classic automobile, we lend on assets – period.  We loan at higher values and at lower rates than our competition, end of story.  We are confident you will be a happy customer at Chapes-JPL too.

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