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Have the circumstances of a bad economy left you with a bad credit score, reduced your salary, forced you into bankruptcy, or simply put you out of work?  Are you having trouble paying bills or do you find yourself trying to come up with creative financing ideas to take care of a personal or business concerns?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could probably use some quick financial help.

There are ways to get money fast, even for people with bad credit.  However, most lending options for those with a poor credit rating are expensive due to high interest rates.  For example, bad credit credit cards almost always require a secured cash amount, or charge outrageous interest rates. Even the lower rate credit cards can get pricey if you are taking a cash advance.   This method usually creates an endless circle of debt that only progresses into a giant snowball.

If you have jewelry from any of the world’s finest jewelers, such as a white gold bracelet from Tiffany & Co, or a luxury diamond watch from Rolex, you could sell it for cash, or use it to secure a loan.  Cash for jewelry is one of the fastest and simplest ways to get the money you need.  Now you just need to know where to sell your jewelry or where to take it for a loan.

You could visit a typical pawn shop, gold buyer or jewelry store with your  GIA certified diamond ring, Patek watch or some other piece from your fine jewelry collection.  After the pawnbroker or merchant (and a store full of strangers) has listened to the summary of your private circumstances, surely you won’t mind paying a high interest rate to get your jewelry back?  Of course, within a few months of paying that high interest rate, you’ll probably just let it go, losing one of your best assets.

There is a better option at Chapes JPL.  They know how valuable fine jewelry is as an asset, and their loans are short term with one goal “providing you a low enough interest rate so that you can get your items back“.  Chapes began offering loans against jewelry over thirty years ago at rates lower than typical pawnshops and jewelry lenders.

In addition to providing loans, Chapes buys jewelry at the industries highest values. To learn more about selling your jewelry or using it to get a loan, visit and get the financial relief you are looking for today.

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