Asset Based Lender Chapes-JPL Begins Pawn Loan Transfers

Posted by Matt Anton

Pawn loan customers caught up in high rate loans can refinance to a lower rate by transferring it to Chapes-JPL.
PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 29, 2010 –
While many businesses are struggling to survive, and banks reluctant to lend or extend credit, the pawn industry has been thriving on collateralized loans. In an effort to assist pawn loan customers caught up in high rates, collateralized lender Chapes-JPL, has begun pawn loan transfers.Disturbed by the high rates typically charged on asset based pawn loans, not to mention the added fees, Chapes JPL is committed to provide the public and anyone currently in a high interest pawn loan an option to reduce their current rate. The process of refinancing the current rate and transferring the loan to Chapes-JPL is relatively simple and financially sound.Started in 1980, Chapes-JPL is well known and respected as a low-rate, lending firm specializing in gold, diamonds, and fine jewelry, as well as products ranging from exotic cars and boats to luggage, handbags and fine art. What sets them apart is the ability to write the big check and lend up to $5,000,000 per loan. Utilized by celebrities, athletes and business owners seeking immediate liquidity, Chapes-JPL has built its reputation on honesty and confidentiality.

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Specializing in lending and buying, Gold, Diamonds, Jewelry, Watches by Rolex, and Cartier, Handbags & Luggage by Gucci, Louis Vuitton & Hermes, Automobiles, Boats, and Artwork. Don’t Pawn, we offer the highest values and lowest rates in the industry.

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